Life worth breathing by Max strong

Life worth breathing by Max strong

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We all know it, we all wish for it, but just how to do it--that eludes us. In his new book, A Life Worth Breathing, internationally renowned spiritual philosopher and teacher Max Strom shows us the way. His groundbreaking book reaches past dogma in a language that is vital, inspired, and accessible. Strom leads us on a journey of self-discovery as we excavate our past in order to have a better understanding of our present.
According to Max Strom, "We live in fear of terrorism but in actuality the most devastating terrorism comes from within us as we sabotage ourselves." With practical techniques, A Life Worth Breathing offers us a path to transformation with visionary insights on forgiveness, gratitude and self-empowerment.

A Life Worth Breathing teaches us that by healing our past emotional wounds, silencing the inner critic that cripples us, and cultivating a yoga and breathing practice, we can elevate ourselves from the mindset of a reactionary victim to an authentic life of meaning, health, and joy. A life worth living, a life worth breathing.

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Publisher - Skyhorse Publishing
Publication Year - 20120401
ISBN - 13 9781616084271
ISBN - 10 1616084278
Language - English
Binding - Paperback
Number of Pages - 240 Pages

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