195 Yoga Sutras From Astanga Yoga (Paperback) by PROF. S. V. SURAMANYAM

195 Yoga Sutras From Astanga Yoga (Paperback) by PROF. S. V. SURAMANYAM

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Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Released: 2010

195 Yoga Sutras From Astanga Yoga (Paperback)
Presents all the 195 Yoga Sutras professed by the legendary Maharishi PATANJALI. He affirmed that Yoga is not only limited to Asanas, but also aims at outer and inner purification; control and balance of the self; meditation and complete absorption. And finally union with the Self.
Contains 4 Chapters: Samadhi; Sadhana; Vibhuti and Kaivalya.
Comprises of all the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga: 5 external and 3 internal, Yama; Niyama; Asana; Pranayama; Pratyahara; Dharana; Dhyana; and Samadhi. 
The book fully utilizes available technology to aid elaboration of the commentary on Yoga Sutras which are admittedly terse. Charts and tables as well as graphs and pictures adore the book practically on every page so that the reader finds it helpful to enhance his understanding. Stories and quotations from the spiritual greats are added to widen comprehension. This then is a book that is truly unique in its presentation that would find ready acceptance by Yoga teachers and students alike all over the world. All those students and teachers of Yogasanas who wish to go beyond Asanas and aim at avoidance of mental modifications and the resultant stressful life would find this book a boon.
About The Author
Prof. S V Subramanyam is a multifaceted personality, a technocrat entrepreneur, professor of management science, management consultant, software exporter and an eloquent speaker, all rolled in one. His spiritual pursuits and Yoga training stretch over three decades. A keen student of Vedanta and a Yoga practitioner, he has several publications on the anvil on Upanishads, Narada Bhakti Sutras and commentaries on Adi Sankara's works like Bhaja Govindam and Sadhana Panchakam.
Prof. Subramanyam has degrees in Mathematics, Engineering and Management Science. He had his higher education in Germany and was a Carl Duisburg Gescellshaft scholar. His post graduate education and training and his subsequent experience in German industry as well as his Vedantic spirit of inquiry and reasoning enables him to bring forth precision and thoroughness to any subject that he teaches or writes about.
For the modern day computer oriented individuals world wide, who are keen on learning Yoga and going beyond Asanas to enhance understanding of spiritual science and increase awareness, Prof. Subramanyam uses tables, diagrams, charts, extensively besides stories and quotations from the great spiritual texts in his commentaries on Patanjali Yoga Sutras.
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Specifications of 195 Yoga Sutras From Astanga Yoga (Paperback)

Publisher- Pustak Mahal
Publication Year- 2010
ISBN-13 9788122311532
ISBN-10 8122311539
Language- English
Binding- Paperback

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