Flat Riveted Chain Mail

Welcome to All Best Stuff Flat Riveted Chain Mail section, we offer a large variety of riveted chain mail items using Flat rings of 4 in 1 weave using combinations such as alternate solid rings (Washers) and also with all flat riveted rings. We have expertise in both Dome & Wedge riveted products be it Chain Mail Shirt, Coif, Legging or anything. Our production team out passes the riveting quality with flying colors.

All the flat riveted chain mail products are available in 3 finish, firstly the original Oiled which represents ancient historic outlook of original Mild Steel chain mail products, you have to keep them oiled to avoid getting rust, a frequent fighter should not worry too much as it chain mail only gets rusty when kept for a long time or in humid conditions. Second is the black finish, it is called Auto black (also Black Oxide) procedure basically the hot blackening of chain mail products by dipping into various tanks. It is done by a third party however we ensures good quality and long lasting finish. Last but not he least a shiny galvanized finish also rust proof and very popular among reenactors. We only charge minor amount for galvanized finish and the Original or Blackend finish is available at same price. So if you see a chain mail shirt, a legging or any other product for your size we can always produce in desired finish for you.

We have a wide variety of Flat riveted chain mail products some of them are listed below for quick reference, please take a few movement to contact us in case you are looking for something we may have missed and will be happy to assist with a custom made order at a best affordable price.

Some of the popular Flat Riveted Chain Mail Items we offer:
1. Flat Riveted Chainmail Shirt, Jackets, Long Hauberks with all rings cleanly riveted using either Dome or Wedge type rivets.
2. Flat Riveted Chain Mail Coif, Aventail, Legging (Chauses), Pants or Sheets in all rings cleanly riveted using either Dome or Wedge type rivets.

Similarly all chain mail products above using one flat riveted ring with alternate flat solid ring (washers) cleanly riveted using either Dome or Wedge type rivets.

As mentioned above all chain mail products are available in three finish mentioned below:
1. Original Oiled Rings.
2. Black or Blackend Finish.
3. Galvanized Finish.

This section offers wide variety of chain mail Shirts made from various combinations of Flat Riveted rings right from strong 16 Gauge to Most popular 18 Gauge ring thickness under 8, 9 & 10 mm ring circumference.
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